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Why Dancing Creates Lifelong Friendships

Every day in the CSD Studio, we are lucky to witness beautiful friendships blossoming amongst our students. These are relationships that transcend age, school and ability; they are formed and cemented with a combined love of dance.

Friends that you make outside of school are truly special as they grow with you throughout your formative years and you bond over impactful shared experiences, like Examinations and Dance Shows. Experiences you treasure and that stay with you forever.

We have so many examples of beautiful friendships that have begun at CSD and here’s some of the reasons why:

1. You're always together.

Dancing hours a week together can really make sure that your team is always together. Being forced to see one another every day will make sure that you guys are best friends. Hundreds of fun and crazy memories are bound to be made!

2. You know all the same music and routines.

"That's our song!" you scream along with your friends whenever you hear one of your many dances. Dance friends will always be up to pull out routines to the dances they know from the past years and perform them wherever they go. Laughing while dancing is always a good time!

3. You miss out on all the same events.

Whether its Exams or Rehearsals, you're missing everything that's happening with "non-dancers" over the weekend. Lucky for you, you have the company of your dance friends, and missing out on these events isn't even a worry anymore. Life is always easier with friends by your side.

4. Nobody else gets it.

The expression you feel on stage, the adrenaline you get as the song begins, the amount of time and effort that goes into each hour of practise. If you're not a dancer, you just don't get it. The only people that can relate to these feelings are your dance friends and because of this, you will always have something to talk about.

5. You have the same goals.

Dancing does more than just give exercise and enjoyment. It teaches you life lessons; lessons only your dance friends will understand. Dance allows a person to develop goals and aim for success. So many skills including time management, responsibility and hard work come out of dancing. These skills allow you and your dance friends to work for the same accomplishments in life and become an amazing person. Heck our dance friends are friends for life because they're the most amazing people you know!

6. You're a team.

The life of a dancer can be a tiresome one. Long hours at the Studio, argues about the correct counts and days’ worth of rehearsals and classes can lead to a lot of stress. However, these stressful times make room for a whole lot of bonding. These moments can even create friendships that last a lifetime.

The lessons learned and memories shared will truly last forever. Dance friends are friends for life for these reasons and many more.

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