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Dance Classes

Expert Ballet & Dance Tuition For All

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Frequency: Weekly                          Age Range: 18 months - 4.5 years                      Baby Ballet & Tiny Tap

Officially a NetMums’ favourite, pre-school children (18 months – 4.5 years) who like dance and music will love Princess Ballerina by Carnaby School of Dance - a unique concept in pre- school dance, offering traditional tuition with a modern approach, perfect for budding, little dancers with stars in their eyes and curious minds. Children are introduced to Baby Ballet and Tiny Tap while having a ball, dancing to carefully selected genres of music. Classes change each term to keep them fresh and fun but the key objectives of Princess Ballerina remain the same: to develop confidence, discipline, etiquette, and above all, movement and co-ordination in a controlled and caring environment.   It’s no surprise, parents comment time and time again how easily Princess Ballerina students fit in at nursery, school and other groups.

Our Pre-School Dance Classes combine traditional methods of formal dance tuition with contemporary class techniques, with the emphasis on nurture, good times and fun. We believe that it is the natural fusion between formal tuition and genuine pleasure that has created a dance class format, from which children organically grow and learn.


While our primary focus is Baby Ballet and Tiny Tap within our Princess Ballerina Classes, we also concentrate on the importance of manners, discipline, etiquette and social skills. We believe we can help young girls and boys grow into little ladies and gentlemen. Princess Ballerina classes appeal to all children; boys and girls with twinkle toes - budding ballerinas, interested in dance and capable of following age-appropriate exercises as well as parent and toddler groups who enjoy their time together in a musical and creative class full of warmth, trust and respect.

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Frequency: Weekly                           Age Range: aged 5+                        Syllabus: RAD

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and develops artistry, balance, strength, dexterity, spatial awareness, team work, endurance, coordination, flexibility, posture, improved energy and cognitive development. Ballet is the only compulsory subject here at CSD. When a child turns five years of age, children move from our Pre-School Princess Ballerina Classes in to our more formal Carnaby School of Dance Pre-Primary in Dance Ballet Classes, which enables them to begin working towards their first Dance Examinations. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabi so lessons are more structured and formal than in our Pre-School classes, but always with an emphasis on fun in a caring and nurturing learning environment.

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Frequency: Weekly                           Age Range: aged 5+                        Syllabus: ISTD
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Tap Dance is an exceptionally popular subject here at CSD. The benefits of Tap are endless: increased cardiovascular conditioning; strength; flexibility; coordination; musicality; core strength; and balance. Like Ballet, when a child turns five years of age, children move from our Pre-School Princess Ballerina Tiny Tap Classes in to our more formal Carnaby School of Dance Primary Tap Class, which enables them to begin working towards their first Dance Examinations. We follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing’s Syllabi, so lessons are structured and offer the opportunity to learn and develop whilst attaining Graded and Vocational Examinations in Tap Dance.

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Ballet Classes
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Frequency: Weekly                            Age Range: aged 7+                         Syllabus: ISTD

Jazz Dance has become incredibly popular in the last two decades due to its regular appearance within television, film and music. Students can commence Jazz Classes from seven years of age and the vast majority of our students begin the moment they are old enough! These classes are predominantly ‘unset’ (non-syllabus) although we do offer Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing’s Jazz Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold) too. The benefits of Jazz Dance are: increased strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. The athletic, full-bodied nature of jazz dance develops arm strength from floor work, leg strength from jumps, and core strength from coordinating the limbs, and is incredibly energetic in nature. Students are taught a variety of different routines and these same routines make up the finales in our end-of-year Shows. Jazz Classes at CSD are divided in to three (sometimes four) age groups: Junior (7-11+ years), Intermediate (11-14+ years), Senior (14-16+ years) and Advanced/ISTD Gold Jazz Awards (16+ years).

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Frequency: Varied                          Age Range: 18+                        Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Our Adult Classes are ever-popular and regularly sell out! We run our Adult Classes in ‘courses’ of eleven weeks, whereby Adult Ballet runs from September-December each year, and Adult Tap runs from September-December each year: one lesson per week for eleven weeks. We also offer a variety of Virtual Adult Courses, most notably, Adult Jazz Limbering & Conditioning, with a single one-off purchase that delivers five videos, one per week, for you to do in the comfort of your own home in your own time. We are also extremely proud of the fact that we are a provider of the Royal Academy of Dance’s Silver Swans’ Classes, alongside our School Principal, Miss Laura, being a Silver Swans’ Teacher Trainer for the RAD. Designed for older learners, Silver Swans’ ballet classes will help improve mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels.

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