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ISTD: “What are the benefits of my child taking part in a Dance Exam?”

The ISTD recently published an article answering exactly this! 

They say that:

Research shows that dancing can be brilliant for our mental and physical health. Dance Exams can be hugely rewarding for your child and can help to develop a range of personal, social, physical, and mental well-being and transferable skills such as:  

Personal Skills

  • Ability to analyse

  • Application of knowledge

  • Commitment

  • Confidence

  • Concentration

  • Conviction

  • Cooperation and teamwork

Technical Skills

  • Accuracy

  • Application of feedback

  • Application of technique

  • Coordination

  • Creative engagement with movement material

  • Fitness

  • Flexibility

  • Kinaesthetic awareness

  • Mastery

  • Memory and recall

  • Movement intensity appropriate to the style

  • Placement

  • Rhythm

  • Sensitivity to the cultural framework and/or stylistic influences of the technique

  • Stamina

  • Strength

  • Timing

  • Understanding of anatomy and physiology



  • Provide a measure of achievement of technical ability, musicality, and performance-based skills from a beginner to professional level.

  • Provide the highest quality of constructive feedback, supported by a tested marking framework.

  • Exam certification acknowledges achievement, which is important for those who wish to pursue a career in dance.

  • 90% of Dance Exams offered are regulated through Ofqual, so meet a high standard of technical content and delivery and have UCAS points attached suggesting further progression in higher education if desired.

  • For Dance Exams, the Grades and Vocational Exams produce dancers who go onto vocational training and into the dance industry on a wide scale and the transferable skills learnt allow people to go into teaching and the creative industries.

  • Following a syllabus ensures training that is based on accumulated professional teaching experiences from many great teachers. Syllabi have and continue to evolve to offer in-depth safe and age-appropriate foundational training with attainable yet exciting goals and challenges.

  • Giving students achievable goals can instil increased work ethic and focus.

  • Teachers who belong to the ISTD have undertaken rigorous teaching qualifications and will continually be challenged to upgrade their skills and knowledge with various Continued Professional Development courses. 

  • Many students love to be challenged, achieve, and progress, and take great pride in exam success.


  • Exams enable students to optimise opportunities to realise their potential

  • A chance to gain a qualification/medal which recognises dance excellence 

Exams also help to develop a student’s:

  • Creativity

  • Critical self-reflection

  • Discipline

  • Individuality

  • Mental and physical wellbeing

  • Perseverance

  • Problem solving

  • Respect

  • Response to feedback

  • Self-challenge

  • Self-management

  • Self-motivation

  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Understanding and appreciation of cultural framework, style and genre

Most importantly - it's fun!

  • Making friends

  • A huge sense of achievement

And many more!



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