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The Rise of the Wedding Dance - Grooms Stealing the Show!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

We recently watched this video in complete glee as a groom’s efforts to rally his groomsmen to become broadway stage dancers wowed his lovely new wife.

It’s a fun, energetic, polished performance, with the nuances of the individual characters going freestyle every now and again just adding to the lovability of it all. It’s most definitely worth a watch whether you’re getting married or not!

A dancer himself the groom had a head start here, but his groomsmen are your regular blokes who just put the time and effort in to get it right. They are the real stars, and on the whole it’s not the experts who are doing this…here’s a few more grooms strutting their stuff in the name of love:-

We know the rise of YouTube has a lot to do with this and young people’s love of social media, but we’ve seen brides and grooms of all ages get swept along by the craze.

Half the fun comes in the secrecy of it all we think and there’s romance in this! We’ve heard many stories over the years from our clients who come and learn to dance with us - sometimes other halves get told they’re at football practice, on a night out with friends, one groom even told his wife he had joined a ten pin bowling team then came to us here at Carnaby’s for weeks to nail his performance in secret.

There is nothing more satisfying from our point of view than seeing someone go from two left feet to being a confident dancer having fun with it, especially when learning as part of a group of friends. The atmosphere is infectious as nervous energy turns into real determination to wow, driven by love and a desire to create a fantastic surprise for their other half.

Having our expert team help guide you will mean you learn dancing skills for life, so you’re not just wowing on the day, but you have actually learnt skills and moves that you can call upon in future. Once you have rhythm it’s not going anywhere! We can choreograph your dance, we can work with your ideas, we can teach you technical skills and we can support you as you learn.

We also do have many couples who come together to learn and this can be a fantastic experience as a couple - but the surprise dance is definitely growing in popularity and it seems to be the guys leading the way!

According to a Female First article, 22% of couples are now opting for a choreographed routine for their big day, as many feel that a slow dance is just not a good enough reflection of their spirit or their dancing capabilities! (Read more:

Naturally we’re all for it! From our Wedding Dance Lessons for brides and grooms-to-be, to our spectacular Wedding ‘Flash Mobs’; we cherish every detail to help ensure that your big day is as magical as you’ve been imagining.

As well as helping happy couples create their perfect first dance, we also offer a convenient At Home Service, Choreography for Birthdays and other large events, and Bridal/Hen Parties.

Find out more here.

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