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CSD Etiquette Expectations

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Here at Carnaby School of Dance, we have a few etiquette expectations:

· Try your best to be on time and if you’re late, please apologise to your class teacher;

· Wear Carnaby School of Dance’s regulation uniform for class at all times;

· Allow your body language to show your desire to learn;

· Secure your hair neatly in a classical ballet bun;

· Give your total attention to your class teacher and always answer questions in a polite manner;

· Accept your corrections with grace and a smile;

· Always practise as if there is an audience;

· Remember that dance friends often become friends for life - compliment them/their achievements and be there to offer a hug/support when needed - we are all family here;

· Thank your teacher at the end of each class;

· Never forget, you’re here because you love to dance.

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