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The Benefits of Virtual Learning Post Covid-19

We were super fortunate that the Huddersfield Examiner and Oldham Chronicle recently picked up on how many Dance Classes we delivered via online platform Zoom during lockdown: a massive 346 classes over a 14-week period! During lockdown, the delivery of education surpassed just the classroom, and within Dance, surpassed just the Studio. Many Schools, Dance Schools and other educational establishments are making virtual learning part of their offerings moving forwards, and so we discuss just some of the benefits of virtual learning below:

· Research suggests that virtual learning has been shown to increase retention of information by 25-60% compared to 8-10% in a physical classroom;

· The cost of virtual learning can be cheaper than in-person learning;

· Virtual learning allows more students to access quality classes and workshops from a wider geographical base;

· Comfort and convenience of learning from where you are, often without having to leave home;

· Greater class availability due to not requiring a Studio that might otherwise have limited availability.

To this end, we’ve made Virtual Private Lessons a permanent offering here at CSD – the perfect complement to our physical Private Lessons! Simply click below to book:

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